Ted Elmore- Bridge Park


This is the second episode in July’s focus on the importance of the James River. Ted Elmore talks about BridgePark, a nonprofit that wants to bring an elevated park stretching over the river to RVA by 2015. Located just west of the Manchester Bridge and built on the historic piers of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Bridge, BridgePark will connect people to the river, to the community, to nature and each other. The public park hopes to bridge the divide between the north of south of Richmond and allow community to gather. BridgePark will offer a public gathering and education space that also celebrates the cultural wealth of Central Virginia.

Guest Speaker: Ted Elmore

You  can listen to the episode here


Inspire Indeed on WRIR
BridgePark Site

Want to know more information? Email info@bridgeparkrva.com


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