Kim Mahan – Maxx Potential

In Honor of Labor Day, today’s episode is with Kim Mahan, founder and Chief Executive Optimist of Maxx Potential. Maxx Potential provides world-class IT services, while building a true learning organization. The program accomplishes this through a unique “learn-by-doing” apprenticeship program, lean organizational structure, and innovative talent identification and development practices. MAXX is able to offer globally competitive rates for core IT services like application development and support, while performing 100% of the work in the United States. Some of the services that MAXX provides are mobile applications, website development, testing Services and maintenance. The Richmond Venture Forum unveiled MAXX Potential as one of its 2013 honorees for its annual Companies to Watch. Most recently MAXX Potential has partnered with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to offer the Commonwealth’s first registered technology apprenticeships. You can take a look at a finished product of MAXX’s hardwork over at Several members of the MAXX team contributed to the final product and everyone was grateful for the learning opportunity! It is great to see local agencies collaborating together to provide beautiful outcomes for the community.

Guest Speaker: Kim Mahan

You can listen to the episode here


Inspire Indeed on WRIR
MAXX Potential

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