This month is Recovery Month and today’s focus is on a local service that provides comprehensive services for addictive disorders, The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority. Our guest today is Dr. James May, Director of Planning and Development and Director of Substance Abuse Services. On today’s episode Dr. May will talk about what addiction looks like today in Virginia and treatment options. Tune in to listen about several innovative programs that Dr. May developed or introduced including Drug Court, Adolescent Services, HIV Early Intervention programs, and Women’s specific Services. Richmond Behavioral Health Authority developed creative services that help women specificially overcome barriers of addiction. These services include the POWR project, the Regional Perinatal Project, Healthy Families, Be-FIT, and Recovering Families. Dr. May also discusses prevention and intervention efforts in the recovery field as well as discusses myths that exist as well when talking about addiction and recovery.

Guest Speaker: Dr. James May
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