Fatima Smith – RHART Program

Fatima Smith of RHART
Fatima Smith of RHART

Fatima Smith, coordinator of the RHART program is today’s guest. She leads a collaborative team of staff and volunteers from three local sexual assault/domestic violence centers and 4 hospitals. This program provides one number for hospitals with forensic nurse examiner programs to call to request an advocate to respond to a sexual assault.  The three DV/SV centers collaborate on the training of volunteers and management of the response.  It is truly a collaborative venture designed to make response to survivors of sexual and interpersonal crimes a smoother process.

Through RHART, trained volunteers respond to area hospital emergency rooms to provide advocacy and support to individuals who have experienced sexual and domestic violence. RHART is a regional collaborative between Safe Harbor, Hanover Safe Place, and the YWCA of Richmond. Volunteers respond to hospital accompaniment requests 24/7 and connect survivors with community resources and follow-up services. We provide services to anyone who has experienced intimate partner/domestic violence regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, gender identity or expression, faith, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity and geographic location. Our services are available in both English and Spanish, and all services are offered free of charge to anyone seeking help. – Safe Harbor


You can listen to the episode here


Inspire Indeed blog and at WRIR 

YWCA of Richmond 

Safe Harbor

Hanover Safe Place


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