Josh Bailey- The Gray Haven

Carol Olson interviews Josh Bailey, CEO of The Gray Haven.  The Gray Haven’s mission is to provide hope and restoration to victims of human trafficking in Virginia.

From their website: The impact of human trafficking on individuals is complex and requires a comprehensive array of restorative services. In 2012, The Gray Haven opened Virginia’s first drop-in center to serve as a safe place for human trafficking victims. Through this haven, we operate Central Virginia’s only non-residential program specifically designed to provide services to victims of all forms of human trafficking.  Our philosophy is that each client is different and requires supportive services that are designed to address their short- and long-term needs.

Our hope is that victims of human trafficking will ultimately experience restoration and the empowerment to live free. We aim for restored dignity, self-worth and the opportunity for a hopeful future.

You can listen to the episode here



The Gray Haven

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