Satanism in the Bible Belt

From left: Christa Motley (Co-host), Jake Norton (Producer), Lillith (Satanic Richmond council), Kate Cobas (Satanic Norfolk founder), Larry Mendoza (Satanic Richmond council and Virginia State Director for American Atheists), Jesse Cocks (Satanic Richmond founder)

If the title sends chills up your spine, this show is for you.   Christa sits down with members of Satanic Richmond and Satanic Norfolk to get the myths and the facts of what they are all about and to find out what fuels their passion.  

An additional hour of after-show conversation will be posted soon.

For more info:

Satanic Richmond

Satanic Norfolk

WRIR Richmond Independent Radio


  1. Poseurs – Not one mention of raping children and drinking their adrenalized blood.
    If you’re gonna worship Satan – get up on that HRC/Podesta level or GTFO.


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