Crime Solvers: A Community Approach

Chesterfield law enforcement professionals say that solving crime depends on the community’s help.

Christa sits down with Detective Elwood Baldwin Jr. and Police Specialist Ron Coombs to learn about how people can provide tips to the police department and possibly receive cash rewards, while remaining completely anonymous.


A Key Takeaway:

When you visit the Crime Solvers Most Wanted  page, this warning appears:


Our guests clarified what I believe are two important points that may be misunderstood:

1) The word “fugitive,” as it applies here, does not necessarily mean the person is on the run or trying to avoid arrest.  It only means there is a warrant out for their arrest.  It is also entirely possible that the person is not yet aware of the warrant against them.

2) All fugitives on this list “should be considered armed and dangerous” as a blanket safety precaution.  Not everyone has been charged with a violent crime or illegal possession of a weapon.  The basic idea is to caution the public against trying to confront a suspect that they recognize from the most wanted photos.  You should submit the tip and leave the person alone.

I’m sharing these points because I believe it’s important to understand the broad scope of the fugitive list and to not automatically assume the worst of people who find their faces on it for the world to see.

To submit a tip: P3 Tips

To learn more and find the latest news:

Crime Solvers of Chesterfield and Colonial Heights Website, YoutubeFacebook, & Twitter

Chesterfield Police Department Website, YoutubeFacebook, & Twitter

WRIR 97.3fm WebsiteFacebook, & Twitter



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