Virtual outreach: Grief support and caring in a pandemic

Clockwise, April Coleman and Christa Motley are joined by Tina Maxson and Jeffrey Parsons of Capital Caring Health.


Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. 

However, during the end of a life’s journey oftentimes comfort may be found in the caring process.

Patients and their caregivers are not alone when healthcare professionals are at hand to help them through this transition — oftentimes extending encouraging words, hugs, hand holding and laughter.

But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, finding closure in the normal sense has broken down and been redefined.

With social distancing and stay at home measures, healthcare providers must adjust their approach to outreach care by implementing precautions to protect their dedicated and compassionate staff while still delivering the highest quality care to people in need.

Capital Caring Health is the largest and leading non-profit provider of advanced illness, hospice, grief support and at-home care services.

Christina Maxson
Christina Maxson
Executive Director
and Registered Nurse

April and Christa sit down remotely with regional manager Jeffrey Parsons and executive director and registered nurse Tina Maxson of Capital Caring Health. 

Whether you are caring for or lost someone to COVID-19 or other advanced illness, Jeff and Tina discuss the challenges facing CCH, their patients and families during these difficult times.

To learn more about Capital Caring Health, the services it provides to area families, and to download caregiving resources, visit or call the 24-Hour Care Line at 1-800-869-2136.

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