Richmond Community Policing with Carol Adams: Part 2

Carol Adams, Retired Sergeant & Current Officer, Richmond Police Department

“If it’s wrong and not right, we all have to speak up and we all have to step up to make a difference.”

In part 2, we dig into Carol’s thoughts on the criminal justice reform she wants to see, the Marcus Alert and de-funding the police.

We also learn about a program where high school students can evaluate the police, a live firearm simulation where people can experience making split second decisions, and more.

If you missed part 1, you can listen here.

*Note to community organizers: If you are interested in responding to anything you hear in our discussion with Carol Adams, we would like to invite you to the table for a follow-up episode & open dialogue with Carol.  Please email


Richmond Police Department

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives

What Would You Do? A simulation program allows civilians to see how they would respond to a tense situation that a police officer might face

Marcus Alert

Carol Adams Foundation

WRIR 97.3fm Website, Facebook, & Twitter

Inspire InDeed Website, Facebook, & Twitter

From Left: April Coleman, Christa Motley, Carol Adams

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