Voices against environmental injustice

April talks with advocates Renada Harris, Kim Washington and Diane Smith Drake of the Brown Grove Preservation Group. They discuss environmental racism, how the community of Brown Grove is confronted once again by it with the encroachment of Wegman’s proposed 24-hour operational distribution center and what actions they are taking to stop it. Their voice takes on big business, local county and state government to advocate for the preservation of the natural wetlands, unmarked ancestral graves, history, beauty and well-being of the residents and lands of Brown Grove in Hanover County.

Advocates of the Brown Grove Preservation Group, from left, Kim Washington, Renada Harris and Diane Smith Drake

Saving Brown Grove Interview that aired on WRIR 97.3 FM

The extended interview featuring more details of Brown Grove community’s history is below.

Corner of Ashcake and Egypt Road, where the proposed Wegman’s distribution center will back up to area neighborhood.

To learn more about Brown Grove Preservation Group, our guests or environmental injustice please contact the links below.








To shine a light on other organizations or individuals that work to inspire and improve the community, please contact April or Christa at aprilcoleman@wrir.orgchristmotley@wrir.org.

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