April Coleman

April Coleman is Vice President of Production at a weekly newspaper that empowers and educates its readers on the important issues that touch their lives. April embraces that mission. She appreciates how the community works for the betterment of each of its residents and what they do for each other.

April is committed to volunteering. Being a former Virginia Center for Public Press board member and volunteer at WRIR 97.3 LP FM is an enjoyable and unique undertaking for her.

She engages public communication by being a host on Inspire InDeed, a local radio talk show focusing on the people behind nonprofit organizations and individuals or groups that inspire and enlighten through community engagement. April recognizes the importance of giving a broad voice to change agents who share their experience and service to make a positive impact.

Ms. Coleman received a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. In her “spare” time, April is a painter, photographer and ceramic artist and believes each person possesses a creative spark. Her inspiration comes from a love of travel and nature. She enjoys visiting cultural spots, eating local fare, and meeting people of different walks willing to share their narrative.

Although living her early years in the city of Richmond, April considers herself a country girl, growing up in Mechanicsville in Hanover County.

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