Inspire Indeed

Exploring nonprofits and individuals making a difference in the greater Richmond area

Christa Motley

New to the Richmond scene, Christa is grateful to have discovered the world of independent radio. Rough around the edges and disinterested in navigating politics of the business world, Christa is drawn to spaces where people can show up as their authentic selves and speak (mostly) freely. A dynamic combination of personal and professional experience has fueled an evolving passion in her for digging to the root of problems, illuminating hidden truths, and challenging abuses of power that suppress the potential of individuals and communities. In what official capacity she will harness that energy has yet to be determined. Christa strives to put purpose before reputation and to remain grounded in the complexity and inherent dignity of all earthlings. She is an adventurous spirit who loves people, pit bulls, sportbikes, and any distractions from over-contemplating existence.


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