DeAndra Lee

DeAndra Lee is my name but my loved ones affectionately call me Dee Lee. I am a native of Brunswick County, Va, and two time graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master Degree in Social work. I am a full time employee during normal business hours, but after hours, I can be found teaching exercise classes throughout the Richmond area, singing at a karaoke spot, possibly wining at a winery on weekends, traveling, spending time with family and friends. Now I can add co-host of a radio show to the list!! I see what you’re doing God…thank you. 

I believe that open hearts, minds, and conversations can result in connections, bonds, aha moments, and can be impactful. I am looking forward to bringing unique, intriguing, potentially thought provoking content to the ears of WRIR 97.3 listeners, my way. I want us to all feel connected and I know it will happen because it’s coming from a place of authenticity and good vibes. So, get ready listeners because I’m coming in on 2 wheels in the radio world.