Yvonne Haynes – Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

This is the first episode kicking off May’s focus on Mental Health Awareness. Yvonne Haynes talks about the needs of the community for emergency and crisis services, mental health services, addiction recovery support, and resources for those with intellectual disabilities for those without financial resources or who have access barriers. RBHA specializes in offering wrap-around services for consumers who have a variety of needs that can accompany mental health, addiction, and intellectual disorders or disabilities such as housing needs, medical care, access to affordable medications, transportation, and those who require frequent inpatient hospitalizations for psychiatric reasons.

Guest speaker:
Yvonne Haynes, Director of the Mental Health Division of the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority. RBHA is the community services board of the City of Richmond.

Listen to the episode here

Inspire Indeed on WRIR
RBHA homepage

Want more information? Email haynesy@rbha.org.

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