Bridging the Gap through Community Policing Part 1

Carol Adams, Retired Sergeant & Current Officer, Richmond City Police Department

“God played a trick on me, and made me become the police.”

Carol Adams’ childhood experience left her with a “distaste” for police and the criminal justice system.  But that aversion turned to action 27 years ago when she joined the Richmond Police Department to help foster the change she wanted to see.

Today, tensions between Richmond police and the public remain palpable as anti-police demonstrations have continued throughout the summer.  Among other demands, organizers and protesters are calling for the city to defund the Richmond Police Department and redirect funds to systems of care like mental health.

Christa and April sat down with Officer Adams to hear her perspective on the movement and approach to policing in the current climate.

In Part 1 of our interview, Carol shares the story behind her passion for community policing, how the culture within RPD has evolved, and the side of policing we don’t see.  She also responds to the BLM movement locally and describes efforts in progress to meet protestors at the table for constructive dialogue.

The 2nd episode digs deeper into Carol’s thoughts on the future of policing and criminal justice reform she wants to see.  Part 2 will be posted after it airs on Tuesday, Sept. 15th at noon.

*Note to community organizers: If you are interested in responding to anything you hear in our discussion with Carol Adams, we would like to bring you to the table for a follow-up episode & open dialogue with Carol.  Please email


Richmond Police Department

Ordinance To establish a Task Force on the Establishment of a Civilian Review Board (Adopted)

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